The Youth Engagement Handbook is a comprehensive and structured resource designed to encourage and support the active participation of young people in civic life and society. This handbook provides a comprehensive overview of various aspects of youth engagement and civic participation and includes diverse modules that cover topics such as the role of young citizens in democratic processes, rights and responsibilities of young people, identity and diversity, participation at European level, engagement strategies of youth, development of leadership skills, creation of safe spaces for youth activation, monitoring, evaluation and sustainability. The handbook provides a wide selection of tools, resources and examples that can be used by youth workers, trainers and youth leaders to develop and implement successful youth engagement initiatives and campaigns. The included modules and exercises support the development of the necessary skills and knowledge that help young people to become actively involved in civic life and become engaged citizens. This handbook not only informs but also inspires young people to get involved in public processes and use their voice and skills for change. With its comprehensive resources and tools, it provides the necessary support and guidance to create and strengthen active youth communities capable of making a difference in the world around them.