The project aligns with the specific priorities of the youth sector, directing its efforts towards providing resources for the more active participation of young people in democratic and civic life in Europe. Simultaneously, it aims to broaden and deepen youth's political and social involvement at various levels—local, national, and European. The project's main goal is to encourage active citizenship among young people by creating innovative intellectual products. These products include:

1. Analyses and reports on the engagement of young people in Bulgaria and Slovenia;
2. Methodology for studying youth engagement;
3. Handbook with guidelines aimed at youth workers to create engagement among the youth;
4. Online educational modules focused on training and participation for youth.
The online platform can be seen as a collaboration space where young people can explore and develop their ideas and learn how to become effective participants in these processes. At the political level. There is a growing decline in interest, and there is ample evidence that young people are distancing themselves from traditional forms of democratic participation. Increasing apathy towards voting and decreasing membership of young people in political parties illustrate this trend. Youth are turning towards alternative or innovative forms of participation that replace traditional ones.Youth participation in decision-making processes, whether political, civic, or otherwise, promotes active citizenship, improves their integration, and strengthens their contribution to the development of democratic society. Therefore, it is crucial to encourage this participation.